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Saday is a Non-Governmental Organization registered under Charitable Trust Act by government of India.

  • Providing Assistance and Aid programs for needy people
  • Diminishing disparities between different societies
  • Combating the challenges posed by COVID -19

Covid Relief

In order to be certain that, the food reaches those who are in genuine need, saday members selected those who do not had a govt. ration card.

Project Dhairya

Dhairya under an initiative #its_okay_to_not_be_okay revolves around lending a listening ears to sufferers by being there in the form of Sakha i.e friend.

Project Samajh

To take our education initiative forward we are providing free textbooks to students from low socioeconomic backgrounds

Project Aamdani

Aamdani is an initiative of Team Saday which aims to help unemployed women by making their lives better and independent.

My Pad My Pride

Through this project, we aim to lift society in terms of Menstrual Education and Awareness by conducting workshops and the distribution of reusable cloth pad kits.

Our Major Areas

Covid Relief

Providing essential sanitation material to battle with Covid. We dream, we keep a will and make a change.

Mental Health

Providing session and guidance to those in distress and in need assistance.


Educating women and children towards health along with distribution of pads via our My Pad My Pride initiative.

Male adolescent

We empower young men with vital insights on health, growth, and well-being, shaping a brighter future through education and understanding.

We've been changing lives around the world.

How can I get involved and help Saday?

Saday is always there to welcome people who want to create a great impact in society. You can involve with us by being an intern, volunteer or member. Also, you can collaborate with us in anyway possible or provide donation for the welfare of society.

What are the domains Saday help in?

Saday is involved in three domains:
First, by the people who are below poverty and even can't afford food.
Second, by empowering women.
Third, by investing and helping people with mental health.

A relationship where we care

Key Partners

What People say About Us

I was bounded to many responsibilities during the first year of graduation. It resulted in a lack of concentration on studies. I got overwhelmed and stressed so I decided for taking therapy. And Saday helped me through the process. My senior suggested I take sessions with Saday. My therapist was considerate, supportive, and empathetic to me. After two to three sessions with my therapist, happiness bloomed from within. It helped me to figure out who I am, and what I want and one of the best parts was I could express my heart without hesitations and judgments. I am forever grateful to Saday

Jagdish Team Saday

As an empathetic person, i have been willing to help or at least listen/try to understand who are in need of love, care and most importantly basic education. The world needs more people who are paragon of kindness. Saday sadev has given me such platform to reach those. I am grateful to be part of such community.

Jahanvi Team Saday

I always wanted to work on fields in slum areas but never got an oppurtunity to do so. But Saday gave me an oppurtunity to explore these communities with little girls, listening to their problems gave me a reality check about how easy we ar living life. So I am more grounded from ever before. And the love I get on-fields is just so lovely.

Rashmi Sharma Team Saday

Working with Saday has been such an enriching experience. The very idea of talking about taboo topics such as mental health and Menstruation is something that I hold very close to my heart and as a Saday Soldier it has been my pleasure to work in this field. I came across Saday through a friend and I have been ever grateful for the experience and for working with those who are passionate about the same things as I am.

Ananya Team Saday

So I randomly started looking for internships and came across saday’s profile . I must say that it has been one of my best decisions to start my journey with saday . It has helped me in the overall development, also I used to fumble a lot while talking to the experienced once but now I can handle them at ease , in addition I’ve been exploring a lot over here , even though my tenure was ended a way back , but I don’t feel like leaving this ngo , since I feel there’s a safe environment around with multiple opportunities .

Mehar Team Saday

In this one month of working with Saday I learned getting out of our comfort zone and working on the field is actually the best way we can contribute to the society. My fellow Saday Team members are so co-operative and friendly. The cause Saday is working towards and the accepting environment it provides helps me to grow personally.

Diana John Team Saday

It has been an amazing experience working with Team Saday. Got to learn new skills and had a productive time with team. All the Saday Soldiers I worked with, were very humble and polite and definitely very responsible at the same time. It is really nice working here.

Gayatri Gosavi Team Saday

For me Saday has never been a space where I’ve grown professionally but rather emotionally too. Its been more than a year since I’ve been here and love how each one of us feels like a family and the growth of Saday is somewhat an integral part of us. To many more shared good days, bad days, struggling days and even achievement filled days together.

Aashi Sharma Team Saday

I have been working with Saday since 9 months, When I think about the journey so far, it's been nothing less than a blessing. I met some really wonderful people who inspired me to push my limits. They taught me to think about the society first and myself later. In a way volunteering has not only taught me about the various challenges in the society but it is also helping me improve myself as a person every single day. I find a lot of happiness doing my bit for the society. I'm indeed lucky to have chosen volunteering. Had I not have been with this NGO, I dont think I would have been the person that I am today.

Krati Garg Team Saday

Saday is more than just an organisation. It's more of a secure and productive environment. Everyday is a new learning experience; making mistakes, learning from them, and eventually mastering each aspect. I'm truly honoured to be known as a Saday Soldier.

Sona Joseph Team Saday

Starting at Saday was a just a way towards a positive networking , working with people who are working within the society but it turns out to be associated with a organisation which is really making a difference through their initiatives and programs extending a helping hand. Reaching towards many in need in its short duration of formation ,seeing it grow remarkable within my months of work tenure. I take immense pride in being a part of Saday

Rajit Team Saday

Saday to me is something that can't be described in words, i joined saday as someone who just wanted some ngo experience and wanted to work for the social sector but i never thought it would turn out to be this beautiful family and a safe space that I am now a part of I've grown into this different person that i am today and all thanks to Saday. I have never seen an NGO work for the good deeds keeping everyone together and taking everyone along with this. This place is magical and no one can ever compete with that or replace that.

Prachi Dixit Team Saday

Saday Soldiers believe in team work and dream work. I joined Saday organization to work for a social cause. I am really enjoying working here. I wanted to upskill myself and this platform is serving me fully. All are open to experience, timings are flexible, all are treated equally with due respect and founders are approachable and friendly. All such things make Saday-the best organization. I'm glad to be a part of Team Saday.

Hardika Team Saday

Although I've only been working in Saday for 4 months, I have been able to adjust so smoothly into the teams in such a short span of time. This is the only internship in which I was not eagerly waiting for the tenure to get over. The flexibility offered in the working hours makes the organization extremely student friendly. All my fellow Saday Soldiers are working here out of sheer interest and passion to make a change, no matter how small it is. Saday has hands down one of the most wholesome organization cultures I've ever come across. I'm really honoured to be working here.

Gurmaan Team Saday

My journey in Saday have been of growth and learning. It has provided me that medium to work for the betterment of the society as well as a medium to explore my skills and interests. It's been a great experience working with all these dedicated people who helped this organization grow to this level. Hoping to achieve so much more together.

Anushka Gupta Team Saday

For me initially Saday was just an internship, but the journey so far became more than that. The environment is great not just in terms of growth but socially as well. Working for the society as a whole was always a thing for me and a Saday gave me this amazing opportunity, so a big thankyou. Tackling the challenges together as a team and mastering the process has personally been a great achievement

Khanak Bharadwaj Team Saday






Reusable Pads

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