Saday Sadev

What Do We Do?

What We Look Into?

Saday Sadev provides a range of services and activities to support individuals and communities.

Specifically, Saday provides Tele Doctor consultancy and Mental Health services with the help of professionals and certified counsellors. This service can help people who may not have access to in-person medical and mental health support due to geographical or financial barriers.

Saday also executes dry ration kit distribution, which can provide basic food items to people who may not have the means to purchase them. In addition, Saday provides menstrual health and hygiene workshops, which can help educate and empower women to better manage their menstrual health and hygiene.

Furthermore, Saday collaborates with organizations like Robin Hood Army, Goonj, Delhi Welfare Youth Association, DCPCR, Mental Health, Menstrual Health, and various other seasonal activities to further support the communities you serve. By working with other organizations, Saday can share resources and expertise to better meet the needs of those who require assistance.

Overall, Saday Sadev appears to be working towards improving the overall health and wellbeing of individuals and communities, particularly those who may be facing economic, social, or geographic challenges.

Saday looks after those who are unable to get food by themselves

Though food is a necessity, Saday has witnessed people facing a hard time arranging food for themselves and their families during the pandemic. Thereby, we decided to arrange food distribution drives on a regular basis so that no one would sleep empty stomach. Our food kits include both cooked meals and dry rations. Initially, we started with 400 people and reached to 10,000 people in the first phase of lockdown. 

Women have been a vulnerable group in society since time immemorial. Saday encourages and provides a helping hand to women so that they can become financially independent and emotionally strong. We do so by providing them with a source of living and standing beside them till they become capable enough to do everything on their own.

We believe in empowering women's

We investigate Mental Health issues

Stable Mental Health means stable life. Pandemic along with other multiple problems has deteriorated the mental well-being of people. Since Saday believes in bridging the gap between privileged and underprivileged sections of society, it ensures that people also stay mentally and emotionally healthy. We organize various sessions and workshops with the help of Professionals and Certified Counsellors for children of slum areas, people below the poverty line, and others in need.