Saday Sadev

Our Projects

"Our work" in the wake of a country steeped in pandemic, where there was a lack of necessities and people were bounded with different types of problems to be conquered, Saday planned and executed different programs to lessen the burden of people.

Covid Relief

In order to be certain that, the food reaches those who are in genuine need, saday members selected those who do not had a govt. ration card.

My Pad My Pride

Team Saday working for the betterment and awareness under menstrual health initiative.

Project Dhairya

Under our Mental Health Initiative more than 40+ individuals of all age groups have benefitted from our onboard Professional counsellors

Project Samajh : Boy to Manhood

To take our education initiative forward we are providing free textbooks to students from low socioeconomic backgrounds

Project Aamdani

Aamdani is an initiative of Team Saday which aims to help unemployed women by making their lives better and independent.